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LIVOS ALIS 579 Decking Oil Exterior

Range of application: Teak, Bankirai, Larch, Douglas pine, Cedar. For exterior use only. For first treatment and maintenance.

Technical qualities: Produces a water repellent, open-pored finish. Fast drying, refreshes. No chipping or flaking. Surface finish is even and easy to maintain.

Full declaration: Linseed oil, wood oil, linseed oil - wood oil - stand oil, orange oil, Isoaliphates, linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, earth - and mineral pigments and drying agents free of lead.

Colours: 048 chestnut*, 072 oak, 554 oregon pine, 022 boxwood, 068 light teak, 101 black, 593 larch.

*Corresponds with the colour tone of many exotic hardwoods.
Depending on the type of wood and the surface roughness, the colour impression can vary considerably. The rougher the wood, the darker the colour.

Application method: By brush or roller. (See reverse for further information)


Coverage: Exotic hardwoods, robinia, oak: First coat, 1 liter is sufficient for approximately 28 m2. Second coat, 1 liter is sufficient for approximately 40 m2. Soft wood: First coat, 1 liter is sufficient for approximately 20 m2. Second coat, 1 liter is sufficient for approximately 28 m2. On profiled wood the consumption can be up to 3 times higher. A test coat is recommended!

Drying time: At 23oC (73o F) and a relative humidity of 50% appr. 5 - 8 hours at good light- and ventilation conditions. Second coat after 18 hours drying time.

Specific gravity: Appr. 0.87 g/ml.

Safety advice: Contains limonene, May cause sensitisation by skin contact, Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting: seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label. Irritant.

Disposal: According to locally regulated laws.

Container sizes: 0.25 lt; 0.75 lt; 2.5 lt.

Storage: Cool and dry, please see label for expiry date.

Preparation: The surface must be able to absorb, solid, clean, dry and free of dust

Application Apply 2 coats by brush in the direction of the wood grain at temperatures above 10°C (50°F). After 5 — 10 minutes spread out any unabsorbed product. Apply sparingly, surface must not be sticky. Alternatively with roller, spreading out unabsorbed product with brush. Before using, always test product on an inconspicuous spot to check compatibility with the existing surface and previously applied polishes or maintaining products. Refresh with ALIS Decking Oil at least once a year or as required.

Important tips: Treat strongly weathered exterior areas, such as porch floorings or wooden fences only after complete drying of the wood. As Bangkirai and Teak lose their moisture very slowly, treat these timbers in the dry season only. Protect the dry decking against dew by covering with a tarpaulin the evening before. Odour forming possible, until drying is complete.

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