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LIVOS KALDET Wood Stain - Interior/Exterior

Range of application: Interior and exterior wood surfaces. Suitable for OSB and MDF-boards. Not suitable for balcony floors or other high traffic areas. (Exception: KALDET Wood Stain colour walnut).

Technical qualities: Decorative, open-pored, water resistant, permeable to water vapour. Sufficiently pigmented products are also weather resistant. Accentuates natural wood grain. German Industrial Norm (DIN) 53 160 certified for colour fastness when exposed to perspiration and saliva. DIN EN 71 Part 3 certified as suitable for toys. Does not contain protection against blue-staining fungi.

Full Ingredient declaration: Linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, linseed oil, iron oxide and mineral pigments, linseed oil - stand oil, linseed oil — wood oil - stand oil, micronized wax, orange oil, Isoaliphates, alumina, drying agents free of lead.


  • 022 boxwood
  • 052 brazil
  • 124 country blue
  • 042 dark teak
  • 102 ebony
  • 113 green
  • 212 light grey
  • 076 oak
  • 032 pine
  • 082 rosewood
  • 122 ultramarine blue
  • 062 walnut

Interior Only:

  • 022 boxwood
  • 002 clear
  • 212 light grey
  • 012 spruce
  • 202 white

All colours are inter-mixable. For exterior surfaces, mix only suitable for exterior use.

Dilution: SVALOS Thinner No. 222

Application method: Brush (undiluted), spray (5 to 10% dilution) or dip (up to 20% dilution) at temperatures over 12°C (54oF) and in dry weather conditions.


Coverage: 1 litre undiluted covers approximately 15 to 30 m² . Could be considerably less depending on surface condition and absorbency. Test coat recommended!

Drying time: At 23 °C (73°F) and 50 % relative humidity 12 —24 hrs. Subsequent coats can be applied after approximately 24 hours. Avoid drying delays by providing good light and ventilation conditions.

Cleaning up: Clean equipment immediately after use with SVALOS Thinner No. 222, or LEVO Brush Cleaner No. 997.

Specific gravity: approximately 0.90 g/ml depending on colour.

Safety advice: The product alone will not undergo spontaneous combustion. Contains limonene. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed do not induce vomiting: seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label.

Container sizes: 0.375 lt; 0.75 lt; 2.5 lt; 10 lt; 30 lt; 210 lt (7 x 30 lt).

Disposal: According to locally regulated laws.

Storage: Cool and dry please see label for expiry date. Close lid tightly when not in use.

Wood: Preparation: Surface must be dry (moisture content under 15 %), solid, able to absorb, clean and free of resin and dust. For windows and other dimensionally stable woods, the moisture content for coniferous woods and tropical deciduous woods should be below 15% and not exceed 12 % in native deciduous woods. Pre-treat resin rich woods by brushing with SVALOS Thinner No. 222 and exotic woods with KIROS Thinner No. 710, rub dry.

Interior application: Prime with DUBNO Penetrating Priming Oil No. 261, removed any excess oil after 20 minutes. Sand in between after drying. After that, and, depending on the area covered and the degree of protection needed, 1-3 applications are required. It is recommended to re-brush the surface 5 to 15 minutes after each application. Please, pay attention to the drying times!

Exterior application: The amount off ADAO External Primer No. 259 depends on the absorbency of the wood. Unabsorbed oil is to be removed after 20 minutes. Sand before proceeding. Apply three thin coats of KALDET No. 270 within four weeks. Please, pay attention to the drying times!

OSB: For preparation follow “Wood” application. Interior application: 1 coat KALDET Transparent Wood Stain No. 270 and apply 2-3 coats KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer: Surface must be dry, solid, absorbent, clean and free of dust. Sand surface (180-grain). Depending on surface requirements, apply 2 - 3 coats of KALDET Transparent Wood Stain No. 270 thinly.

Renovating Porous surfaces: Rough sawn surfaces can retain dust and dirt particles out of the environment, making it possible for porous surfaces fungi to grow if the right climate conditions exist. The grey to black discoloration can be removed with GLOUROS Natural Siding and Masonry Cleaner No.1806 and a brush or high pressure cleaner. Clean old paint coatings and sand. Subsequent treatment as for first coating. Timely re-staining requires only an intermediary and/or final coat, while overdue re-staining requires a complete new start. Strongly weathered surfaces require at least 2 – 3 coatings. Depending upon weather resistance, type of wood, and colour chosen, maximum re-staining time will vary. Wood that comes into contact with water should be re-stained regularly.

Renovating Non-Porous surfaces: Pore-clogging coatings (oil-based paints, lacquers, varnishes, wax coats) must be sanded or stripped non-porous surfaces to completely remove residue. Surface must be dry, solid, absorbent, neutral, clean and free of dust. Follow “Wood” instructions and then observe drying time carefully for potential absorbency problems

important tips: Stir thoroughly before using. Test coat recommended. When purchasing more than one container of paint, be sure that all containers have the same batch number. Remove possible skin off product. Ensure proper ventilation during application and drying. With oak or other woods containing incompatibilities such as tannic acid or dyes, or with sanded, stripped, pre-treated, or stained wood surfaces, discoloration is possible within one week. KALDET Transparent Wood Stain No. 270 does not contain fungicides. Rough sawn wood is prone to blue-staining fungi. Sand rough surfaces. Treat wood prone to blue-staining fungi and back aired panelling with ADAO External Primer No. 259. Seams of new windows should be treated with a very thin coat of KALDET No. 270. Silicone sealant should be applied only after complete drying, but should not be painted over with KALDET No. 270. Linseed oil based putty can be painted over after one day.

In interior areas, the use of wax over a coloured stain can cause the colour to lighten slightly due to pigment rub-off. Strong possibility of yellowing for colours white and light grey in low light conditions. Do NOT paint over the colours white or light grey with KALDET Transparent Wood Stain clear or any other LIVOS oil, as surface may yellow.

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These directions are the result of long years of research and practical testing. They are backed by our most current expert information. New findings may invalidate this information. This data sheet is meant to serve as information and instruction. No legal liability should be interpreted from it. In case of doubt, please contact the retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer.