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LIVOS URA Colour Pigments Interior/Exterior

RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: For tinting all LIVOS Brand Wall & Ceiling Paints and Natural Texture Render.

TECHNICAL QUALITIES: Non-fading. Mixable at any ratio with DUBRON Natural Dispersion Paint No. 400 and ALBION Natural Wall & Ceiling Paint No. 407, maximum addition to ALBION NaturalDispersion Paint No. 404: 10 %; to BELSA Natural Texture Render No. 462: 5 %. Limitedwipe-ability when used as full-tone paint.FULL

INGREDIENTS: Water, iron oxide and mineral pigments, beeswax soap, linseed oil - stand oil, dammar resin, natural resin ester, orange oil, Isoaliphates, ethanol, silica acid, methyl cellulose,borax and boric acid.

COLOURS: 005 Sunny yellow; 081 Burnt umbra; 440 Linden green; 011 Ochre; 101 Black; 441 May green; 020 Terracotta; 111 Green; 442 Golden yellow; 021 Red ochre; 121 Ultramarine blue; 443 Mint turquoise; 041 English red; 211 Cream; 444 Capri blue; 051 Persian red; 445 Blue-violet; 071 Natural umbra; All colours are inter-mixable. Please note that different surfaces can cause different colour shades (structure,absorbency). View Colour Chart Colours by Nature will mix and match colour charts for you if desired.

COVERAGE: Depending on the application and the desired colour intensity: Look on the colour charts. As full-tone paint, 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 6 m2 per coat.

CLEAN UP: Clean equipment immediately after use in warm, soapy water using LATIS Natural Intensive Cleaner No. 551.

DRYING TIME: At 23oC and 50 % relative humidity, surface may be painted over after 24 hours.

SPECIFIC GRAVITY: Approximately 1.1-1.3 g/ml depending on the colour.

SIZES: 0.125 ltr*; 0.375 ltr*; 2.5 ltr; 5 ltr. *typical sizes stocked

STORAGE: Cool, dry and frost free. Please, see label for expiry date. Storage time is limited once container has been opened. Cover with cellophane wrap or aluminium foil.

APPLICATION AS A COLOUR PIGMENT for WALL PAINT: Thoroughly mix the same or twice as much wallpaint to the required amount of URA Colouring Paste No. 410, then add this mixtureto the remaining wall paint and stir thoroughly. Using a stirring device facilitatesan even mixture. Do a test application; final colour determination only possible aftercomplete drying.

APPLICATION AS A FULL TONE PAINT: Suitable only in areas where full abrasion resistance is not required. Not suitable for moist areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Note that the following colours; red ochre, english red, natural umber, and black produce only a glaze; an evencoverage quality is only achieved after 2-3 coats have been applied.

APPLICATION FOR RUSTIC PAINTING: Add 5-10 % SUNNO Glace Binder No. 451 to URA Colouring Paste. The consistency may be adjusted with the addition of water. For a white coating, or for lighteningother colours, DUBRON Natural Wall- and Ceiling Paint No. 400 or ALBIONNatural Wall- and Ceiling Paint No. 407 can be used. ARDVOS Universal WoodOil No. 266 or shellac products are suitable for coating the treated surface. Please,do a preliminary test before applying subsequent coats, as each coating affects thetreated surface's coloration.


IMPORTANT TIPS: Always stir mixtures thoroughly before using URA Colouring Paste No. 410. Partial separation (especially heavy pigments), does not reflect the quality andeffectiveness of the products coating ability. Alterations in colour resulting from avariation of the relevant pigments is possible; for this reason, always purchasecontainers showing the same batch number if possible.

These directions were prepared by LIVOS and are the result of long years of research and practical testing. They are backed by LIVOS’s most current expertinformation. New findings may invalidate this information. This information sheet is meant to serve as information and instruction.No legal liability should be interpreted from it. In case of doubt, please contact the retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer.

Nov 2006

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