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LIVOS VINDO Enamel Paint Interior/Exterior 628

Range of application: For interior and exterior application on wood and metal, after pre-treatment of the surface with LIVOS products. Also for radiators. Not suitable for floors.

Technical qualities: Good coverage and very high yield. After 3 coats and completely dried weather resistant, elastic and glossy. DIN 53 160 certified for color fastness when exposed to perspiration and saliva. DIN EN 71 Part 3 certified as suitable for toys. To be flattened with VINDO-Flattening Agent No. 631. Does not contain any fungicides.

Full declaration: According to the color tone: Linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, isoaliphates, mineral pigments, chalk, castor oil -stand oil, linseed oil - wood oil - stand oil, titan dioxide, linseed oil - stand oil, silicic acid, orange oil, kaolin, blanc fixe, bentonite, pine oil, citron oil, soy lecithin, dehydrated amino sugar, ethanol and drying agents free of lead. Contains no biocide.


011 ochre 101 black 128 capri blue (interiors)

041 english red 111 green 201 white

051 persian red 121 ultramarine blue 212 light grey

081 burnt umbra 124 country blue

Color tones are inter-mixable.

Application method: Stir well before usage and remove possible skin formed on the surface. Apply sparingly with brush, roller, or spraying device at temperatures above 15oC (59oF) and low relative humidity. Stir mixtures more frequently. Always do a test coat. At higher temperatures consider faster drying times. At lower temperatures and higher relative humidity consider longer drying times. For spray application, thin 5 -10 % with SVALOS Thinner No. 222 or SVALOS Dipping and Spray Thinner No. 293.


Coverage: Determine the exact amount needed by doing a test application. 1 undiluted liter is sufficient for approximately 15-25 m2 per coat, i.e.50 ml/m2. Coverage could be considerably less depending upon the condition and absorbency of the surface. Each dried coating may not exceed 30pm.

Cleaning up: Clean equipment immediately after use with SVALOS Thinner No. 222 or LEVO Brush Cleaner No. 997.

Drying time: At 23 °C (73°F) and 50 % relative humidity, dry to the touch after approximately 12 hours. Subsequent coats may be applied after 24 - 48 hours, and paint is fully hardened after 6 - 7 days.

Specific gravity: 1.0 -1.3 g/ml depending on color

Safety advice: Always be sure to store and dispose working materials; cleaning cloths, polishing pads, sponges, sanding dust, still wet or even slightly moist with VINDO Natural Oil Paint No. 629 in an airtight metal container or in water, as there is a danger of spontaneous combustion caused by the plant oil content in the product. However, the product itself will not combust spontaneously. Contains limonene, wood oil, and cobalt (2+) salts. Can cause allergic reactions. Keep out of the reach of children. If swallowed, do not induce vomiting: Seek medical advice immediately, and show this container or label.

Disposal: According to locally regulated laws.

Container sizes: 0.125 l; 0.375 l; 0.75 l; 2.5 l; 5l; 30lt.

Storage: Cool and dry. Shelf life: unopened at least 3 years. Transfer unused portion of product into a smaller container for storage, in order to minimize excess air.

How to use VINDO Natural Gloss Paint No. 629

Exterior untreated wood: Surface must be dry (wood moisture content below 15 %), solid, clean, and free of grease, resin and dust.

  1. Fill holes with suitable material.
  2. Prime surface with ADAO External Primer No. 259, for oak use LINUS Penetrating Oak Priming Oil No. 233.
  3. 3 coats of VINDO Natural Gloss Paint No. 629 within a period of 4 weeks.

Interior untreated wood: Surface must be dry (wood moisture below 15%), solid, clean, and free of grease, resin and dust.

  1. Apply base coat of MENOS Natural Undercoat No. 626.
  2. Fill holes with suitable material, and do fine spackling with ANAVO Natural Primer No. 628. After setting, sand and remove dust.
  3. Apply 2 or 3 coats of VINDO Natural Gloss Paint No. 629.

Interior metal (derusted metal):

1. Apply two base coats of DURO Natural Rust Preventive Primer No. 623

2. 2 - 3 coats of VINDO Natural Gloss Paint No. 629.

Exterior metal (derusted metal):

1. Apply two base coats of DURO Natural Rust Preventive Primer No. 623

2. 3 coats of VINDO Natural Gloss Paint No. 629 within a period of 4 weeks.

Renovating: Intact surfaces treated with VINDO ought to be cleaned from dirt, as well as grey to black discolorations removed with GLOROUS Natural Siding and Masonry Cleaner No. 1806 and a brush or a high pressure cleaner, slightly sanded (remove the roughness) and applied with a single coat. Old not intact paint coatings have to be removed completely and followed by the instructions for untreated surfaces.

Flattening: A change of the grade of gloss can be reached by carefully stirring in VINDO Flattening Agent No. 631 into VINDO Natural Gloss Paint No. 629. Only use flattened VINDO for interior use. Following amounts (w/w) of VINDO Flattening Agent No. 631 should be used to get a satin gloss:


6 %


8 %

capri blue

20 %

persian red

8 %

ultramarine blue

6 %

english red

20 %

burnt umbra

8 %


10 %

country blue

20 %


20 %

light grey

10 %

Maintenance: According to usage, but at least once a year with VINDO After Care No. 566.

Important tips: Flattening of VINDO may change qualities of the oil paint, e.g. weather-resistance. Certification of DIN-Standards only for unflattened oil paints. VINDO Natural Oil Paint No. 629 contains little solvent, so it tends to develop a skin. Before using, simply remove the skin and stir well. Drying delays possible if applied too thickly or if not following instructions. Provide sufficient light and ventilation. With low light conditions, white and light grey color tones may yellow significantly. VINDO Natural Gloss Paint No. 629 does not contain fungicides, in case of rough sawn timber, danger of blue-staining fungi. Their appearance depends on the surface roughness, sun- and weather side, moisture content, and natural cover etc. Possible fungi growth should be removed. Tropical woods such as merbau, afzelia, jatoba, true mahogany and also indigenous oak should not be painted with VINDO White because of possible discoloration due to incompatibilities in the wood. For bookshelves and window sills, apply very thin and allow to dry for 4 weeks before loading with books or flowerpots. Possibility of yellowing under books etc. After priming, the seams of new windows should be painted only once with VINDO. Silicone

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These directions are the result of long years of research and practical testing. They are backed by our most current expert information. New findings may invalidate this information. This data sheet is meant to serve as information and instruction. No legal liability should be interpreted from it. In case of doubt, please contact the retailer, wholesaler, or manufacturer.

March 2009 Rev 3.1